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LibGuides from the London Business School Information Services and Library Team.


Books - auto-renewals
Books (apart from 24 hour loan copies) will be auto-renewed up to 30 times providing that nobody has requested them - i.e. placed a hold. 
You will still receive a reminder email telling you books are due in 3 days - but there is no need to take action unless you receive a second email telling you a hold has been placed on a book you have out.

LBS Faculty, students and staff can now access Statista - a statistics portal tracking over 22,500 trusted data sources.
It provides graphs, forecasts, reports and infographics.

E-book guide 
We get e-books from a range of different suppliers learn about our e-books here.


Privacy Statement

Please read database suppliers’ privacy policies before using your email to register for personalised services such as alerts. If in doubt, contact:

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Libchat- Ask us!

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 20:00 hrs. Saturday 11:00-17:00.
Please  let us know if you are a student or alumnus as your access to resources differ. For more in depth enquiries email: or call 020 7000 7620.

E-Resource access

Logging into Portal gives you access to our subscribed e-resources on and off campus. However these specialist resources individual registration. To sign up use the links below or go to the link in the A-Z list of databases.

Capital IQ
Financial News SNL FInancial
FactSet Vault Career Intelligence
Fitch WRDS

The Economist is available in full text. No need to register. Find the link in the A-Z list of databases. 
At the moment we have technical issues with the Economist - so for now please use this alternative source. 

Training calendar

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Use of the Library e-resources

The  Library licences access to over 5,000 ebooks, 34,000 ejournals and 70 datasets for the use of current students, faculty and staff of the School. Infringement of our licence terms puts our digital library at risk and can lead to the termination of access to a resource for all LBS users. You, as an authorised user, are responsible for ensuring that your use of the resources complies with the licence terms and conditions. Our licences allow you to make use of these resources personally and for educational purposes only. You must not:

  • share your login details with others, whether co-authors or other students
  • pass on or share downloaded materials with unauthorised users in any format
  • use the resources for any commercial purpose, including internships and consulting activities

These broad principles apply to all resources though the terms of each licence do vary. If you have any questions about the licensing of a specific electronic resource, please contact the library’s Electronic Resources Manager, at

As a member of the School, you have access to a rich portfolio of business information – available to you 24/7 wherever you are studying. Please help us to keep it that way.