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Information Services and Library for Faculty, Staff and PhD's during campus closure

FAQs for Faculty, Staff and PhD students

Books and articles  
How can I supply an e-book to students?

Go to the Library catalogue. If there is an e-book version it will be indicated with “location internet” and a URL will be displayed. Different e-book providers have different download limits and access models. See our guidance here. Email the library and we can check if the model is appropriate. Or we can try and source (or commission) an e-book.

I need to supply journal article readings

If the article is in one of our databases then provide students with a link.The link must be formatted to work on and off campus. Information about copyright restrictions and the guide to making links can be found here. If we don’t subscribe to the title please email the Library we may be able to buy articles copyright cleared.

Can I supply articles?

You must link as supplying articles is strictly forbidden. All students, staff and faculty can register here  for the (As the FT link is direct no special formatting is required.) For other news sources such as Wall Street Journal you should link to Factiva. See the linking document - or Library can help format robust links to Factiva.

I personally need to read certain articles, books and book chapters. Can the Library still help?

We can continue to offer a document supply service for articles and  certain books chapters as these can be delivered electronically to you via the British Library. With no access to the print collection we cannot  supply new books or make scans. We would have to ask the BL to supply book chapters and journal articles for titles not held. These can be delivered to you electronically.

Copyright guidance for teaching There is guidance for staff who are adding readings to Canvas here. Otherwise please and we can provide copyright guidance for materials used in  lectures and as canvas readings.
I need students to download company and market data.
What resources can they use as Bloomberg is not accessible?

There are other products that may be useful to you:

Factset - pre-register here
Capital IQ - pre-register here
ThomsonOne – no prior registration but only works with Internet Explorer. 
Fitch (banks) 
Mergent Online - no prior registration required.
NB until the end of March we have trial access - to the analysts' research in Investext.

Students can also register for WRDS access if you want them to access datasets such as Compustat or CRSP

Tip – see our guide to researching a company 
I need data from Bloomberg

We are working to set up a Bloomberg Anywhere accounts for two members of the library team. Once this is finalised we will be able to access it while working from home and we can send you the data. (There are a few IDs available to Faculty and Phds - please contact us if you require one.)
Email: with your request.
Please remember that Bloomberg has both daily and monthly download limits so if we get requests for very large downloads this will impact our ability to help others.

Please note this service is being provided for Faculty and PhD students ONLY. We are not able to offer this to students on Degree Programmes. They should try one of the alternative services that provide company, market and economic data.

I need access to Eikon / Datastream / SDC Platinum

Many Faculty and PhD students who regularly use Datastream will already have it installed on their PC's. However if you use Eikon (including Datastream) in the Finance Suite or in B101 we are now able to offer you access.This involves  using sharing id's, so there will need to be a booking system to ensure people don't accidently bump others out of the account.  We have set up a separate page for this process (see menu on left).

Please note this service will be provided for Faculty and PhD students ONLY, due to the need to share Eikon id's.

If you are a regular user of Datastream or SDC Platinum and don't have it installed on your school computer. Please let the library know as soon as possible
Much of the SDC Platinum content is available through ThomsonOne or Eikon but not all.

Can I get access to Morningstar? Yes, we can now provide off campus access to Morningstar.  Please contact the library team for further information.
Faculty Publications  
Are research outputs still being added to LBSResearch Online? Yes – please continue to “Act on Acceptance” and send details to us promptly as usual.



FAQs for students

How can I borrow or return books?

We cannot lend books while the building is closed. Please check the library catalogue for e-book availability (see below).  We are bulk renewing all books on loan for the time being, but any overdue charges that are incurred whilst the library is closed will be waived.
Please wait for the Library to re-open to return books. If this is not possible, you can post or courier back to the school, they will be held in a secure location until library staff are back on site to process them. If for any reason you cannot return them by courier or post please email the library team for advice.

How can I find an E-book to read?

Go to the Library catalogue and search by keyword/topic etc. If there is an e-book version it will be indicated with “location internet” and a URL will be displayed. Different e-book providers have different download limits.

No e-book is  listed what can I do?

Email us and we can see if an e-book is available. 

Can I still get access to Bloomberg?

Unfortunately students will not have remote access to Bloomberg during this period as this is something that Bloomberg cannot support. The Library do still have access so please do contact us if you need data that you can't get from another available resource such as:

Factset - pre-register here. Company, economic and financial market data.
Capital IQ - pre-register here
ThomsonOne – no prior registration but only works with Internet Explorer. Company data, deals, analyst research.
Fitch (banks)
Mergent Online - no prior registration required Company data, economic data and temporary access to analyst research
Tip – see our guide to researching a company

I wanted to get training on Bloomberg but as campus is closed there are no sessions running Bloomberg are currently offering LBS students access to the web version of their Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) learning programme.  This is freely available to all until the end of December 2020.  To sign up go to 
You must use your London Business School email address to avoid being charged for access.  
Can I remotely?access Morningstar  We can now offer access to Morningstar to current students.  Please contact the library team for information on how to do this.
I need to read  journal articles. How can I find them?

Search for them using Summon. Use the basic search for keyword searching or use advanced search to look for a specific article title or articles by a particular author. 

If an article is not available we may be able to obtain it. We are able to get journal articles and single book chapters. NOT market research or case studies.

How can I access Harvard Business Review articles

Articles that have appeared in the print edition and digital only Harvard Business Review articles are both available through the Business Source Premier database.
However you will find direct links to these specific titles in our A-Z list

For Harvard Business Review articles we suggest using these links - found in the A-Z list of databases.:
HBR articles that appeared in the the print journal
HBR digital articles

I need to access analysts' research but I can't use Thomson One on my Apple laptop

Thomson One is our primary source for analyst research but it will only work with Internet Explorer. 

We have set up a trial access to analyst research through the Mergent Online database (any browser.) Initially until the end of June, this trial access is now extended until the end of July 2020. The analyst research content on Mergent comes from the same underlying dataset (Investext) that ThomsonOne uses, although there may be a few individual reports that cannot be accessed through Mergent. 
If you log into Mergent look for the Investext tab at the top. If you need help with searching it, please contact

How do I access case studies? Case studies are purchased for teaching. If you need to obtain one you would have to buy it. The Case Centre has case studies available to purchase from a number of leading business schools.
I want to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting different sectors A number of our databases are updating industry reports with predictions of likely impact on different sectors.  Try look at IBISWorld and MarketLine